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01/02/2014 16:34

In 1998 I was approved and certified as Non-Medical-Practitioner by the health department Hamburg / Eimsbüttel naturopath.

I practiced independently (and part-time) for 10 years in private practice in Hamburg. Relocating to Spain in late 2010 led to a fundamental change in my Practice. In Summer 2013 my training in Spain where also recognized, I have been admitted to Naturopata in the Canaries.

Meanwhile, I run a small in-house practice and work at different levels, both as a holistic therapist using alternative healing methods, as well as a massage therapy, astrology and spiritual life coaching. I differ from many other clinicians and consultants, in that I am looking for the individual cause of each suffering and have very flexible methods of treatments; so I use the application of various natural methods of treatment matching the needs of clients at the centre.

I create a very personal and protected atmosphere, so you can trust me with your problem or illness.

Before starting any treatment recommendation, I like to conduct an intensive preliminary talk and root cause analysis.

My treatments, spa treatments and consultations are of the highest quality, since I have a wide range of comprehensive training.

Come and try my services for yourself.

You can make an initial appointment by phone or email. I offer a free introductory personal chat beforehand, so that you can get the idea of what I’m about!

Appointments for Talk therapy, Astrological counselling and spiritual life can be discussed over the telephone, so that you do not always have to turn up personally. In certain cases I can offer a house visit.

As a professionally trained therapist and Reiki Master, at your appointment I am at your disposal both as a healer and a consultant. I regard my clients as individuals with wholeness of body, mind and soul, therefore my particular treatment for them will be detailed and individual since each person is unique and every human life precious.

Thank you for contacting me and I look forward in helping through the next important stage of life!