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Every 4-6 weeks, the human body renews its cells.


Of course the elderly or infirm will accomplish this work generally slower and less effectively, but the ability to regenerate and self-heal is always possible.

We know that in a natural way, at any time self-healing powers can be effective.

Regeneration, alleviation and cure of diseases take place by the action and power of our inner doctor.


This phenomenon can be used therapeutically.


Once the self-healing powers are activated, the body will maintain optimal performance to look after itself. 


At the heart of every naturopathic treatment there is always a self-healing power, optimally stimulating, and a retuning the pathogenic constitution of the body. This can be done actively or passively. 


The key to healing is often a new reactive pattern of body, mind and soul.


Would it not be foolish to ignore this natural wisdom and power in favour of suppressing or even destroying with drugs, and to tolerate the consistent use of chemical and synthetic substances?



REIKI - monthly initiations in the 1st and 2nd degrees after Sensei Mikao Usui 2018

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Offer on demand: monthly REIKI inaugurations in 2018 / duration per inauguration 2...

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In 1998 I was approved and certified as Non-Medical-Practitioner by the health department Hamburg /...


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